Катажина Щипська

She received a parallel education at the Warsaw School of Economics, the University of Warsaw and University College London, majoring in “Economics” and “Political Science”. Received the Frédéric Bastiat Scholarship, awarded by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University (Washington, DC), which introduces students to politics in the spirit of Austrian economics. 

She has been participating in the work of the FVD team for many years. Ten years ago, Kasia started working with us as an intern. Today, she works as an advocacy specialist, lobbying for human rights in international institutions. She specializes in how Bitcoin promotes freedom, enabling human rights defenders around the world to carry out their work. She also focuses on issues of cross-border repression and how authoritarian regimes use Western legal procedures to prosecute their critics abroad. 

Outside the Foundation, she cooperated with the Civic Development Forum and the Washington-based analytical center “Cato Institute”. At heart, she is a libertarian and a fighter for the spread of individual and economic freedom.

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